LD Quick-Cure - Two Part Polyurethane Liquid Pour Foam

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Old Barn LD Quick-Cure is a two component, 3 lb. rigid pour foam designed as a system for molded taxidermy and artificial habitat applications. Co-blown and formulated for use in smaller, unheated taxidermy parts.

  • 3 Pound Density
  • Smooth consistent pour
  • Expands to fill small voids and areas
  • Can be applied in multiple layers
  • Short demolding time
  • Water resistant
  • Strong – holds tacks and staples
  • Durable - can be cut and sanded without falling apart
  • Can be painted or stained
  • Easy and fast mixing
  • Mix by hand or by drill



Isocyanate (A)

Resin (B)

Mix Ratio (Volume)



Mix Ratio (Weight %)