Price List - Wild Game Meat Processing


Basic Cut - Full Carcass (All Weights):

(Vacuum Sealed Loins, Roast, & Trim meat) 


Steak Cuts - 

Steaks from roast or loins

(4 per package, vacuum sealed)

$45 Flat Fee

Tenderized Steaks - 

 $25 Minimum


Straight Venison Grind - 

Ground Venison (One Pound Packages)


 Beef / Pork Trim Added -

Based on percentage of beef/pork added

Market Price/lb

Old Barn Gourmet Burger - 

Our Famous Ground Venison Recipe

(Pork & Beef added)


Old Barn Country Breakfast Sausage - 

Southern Style Breakfast Sausage with crushed red peppers 

(Pork added)


Faux Fillet

Bacon Wrapped Old Barn Burger Patties with added seasoning

(1/2lb patties - 2 per package)


Clean Quartered Meat brought in for Grind -

Minimum Charge $25 (Weighed with bone in)


Deboned meat brought in for grind

$25 Handling Fee plus price per pound on selected product


HUSH(Help Us Stop Hunger) Participant - Learn More 


Summer Sausage  $4.50/lb
Summer Sausage Jalapeno/Cheese $4.95/lb
Snack Sticks Willies $5.95/lb
Snack Sticks BBQ Honey $5.95/lb
Snack Sticks Jalapeno/Cheese $5.95/lb



Caping Fee

(when not mounting or processing)


Storage Fee

(After 3 days from first contact)


 *Any credit for capes will go on customer account with Old Barn-no exceptions!