Information - Wild Game Meat Processing

Old Barn Culinary and Wild Game Processing
At Old Barn we want to help our hunters enhance ready to cook venison staples and specialties made from the wild game they harvested. Your entrees will be handled with care throughout the whole process so you can rest assured your harvest is in good hands!
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Participating HUSH Locker

HUSH (Help Us Stop Hunger) is a collaborative effort among Iowa deer hunters, Iowa’s food banks, and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Through this program Iowa hunters are able to bring in their legally harvested deer to Old Barn, fill out some paperwork, and help support Iowa's food banks at NO cost to you! Please read the program details below carefully and call with any questions. For more information on the HUSH program you can visit the official website HERE

Program Details

  • All deer hunters must have a deer permit to harvest deer, whether or not they donate the deer to HUSH. Donated deer must be tagged before being transported, just as any other harvested deer.
  • Any legally-taken, wild Iowa deer from any season and any sex may be donated at any one of the lockers shown on the HUSH Locker List map.
  • Hunters must donate the whole deer.
  • Deer must be field dressed; lockers prefer a clean carcass without mud on the hide.
  • Lockers also prefer the carcass not be frozen.
  • Deer hunters must fill out a Hunter HUSH Card at the locker for each deer being donated.
  • HUSH does not accept road killed deer.
  • Lockers cannot require hunters to skin or bone HUSH deer.
  • There is no additional fee to be paid at the locker.