How We Grade & Sell Our Tanned Hides

Here at Old Barn, we offer wet and dry tan hides/capes for sale. Great for beginner Taxidermist, replacing rotten hides, and for getting that perfect hide to compete at your next event with. Most of our Whitetail Capes are purchased from local customers who decided to either go with a European Mount or just had no need for that particular cape. We proceed to Tan them like we would any other piece that comes through our doors, thus offering great quality pieces for any level Taxidermist. 

We go through every hide after the tanning process and make sure to take pictures of everything you need to see and know about that particular hide. We also provide measurements needed to fit the exact form you are looking for. To go above and beyond, we take short 2 minute videos so you can hear it straight from our lips. (Example Below)  

To better inform you on why we choose the price's we do when selling our hides, Sam Gaylord (Old Barn's Award Winning Taxidermist) compiled this chart to accurately and honestly make your decision as simple as possible. (Chart Below)

                             Cape Grade





Economy grade is a Commercial cape with multiple flaws, major rubs or holes possible light shedding.  These capes would be great beginner practice capes or good replacement capes for economic purposes.



Commercial grade is an average commercial cape with average flaws nicks and or scars and rubs.  These capes would make a nice commercial mount.


Commercial Plus


Commercial plus grade is a high quality cape with minimal flaws, these are beautiful capes that will produce a high quality deer mount.




Premium grade capes are capes we believe that could be used for competition purposes or a very high end mount.


As of right now, we have the majority of our hides for sale listed on Ebay(you can check them out by clicking here). We are always updating Whitetail Cape listings as they go through our tanning process.

We offer 5% discounts on Ebay prices for orders over the phone or by email. As well as actual shipping cost rather than our Ebay $25 flat rate.(Usually ends up about $5 - $7 cheaper)

For questions or orders, you can contact us by 

Phone: 319-470-8117



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