Wholesale Tannery Services

Tannery phone number: 319-246-1312

Tannery email: alyssa@oldbarninc.com


Our hides have a nice stretch, are clean, and have very little shrinkage when drying on the form. Hides that are wet tanned undergo our normal tanning process. All hides are pickled, shaved, etc., hides are finished and packaged with the customer information. They are sent to you after being frozen. For mounting purposes, these hides do not need to be rehydrated, just thaw them out and you’re set to work.



Old Barn offers a beautiful customer ready Rug, for any species. We can handle the tanning, mounting, painting, and ruffling. Totally customizable, you choose the ruffle color combo and back felt color. Whether it's closed or open mouth, we make sure to use the highest quality jaw sets available. You can view ruffle color options and pricing by clicking here  


To Rehydrate Dry Tan hides for mounting use 4 ounces of salt per gallon of luke warm water. Soak hide for approximately 1 hour in salt water solution. Drip drain and place hide in a plastic bag at room temperature to sweat overnight. Ready to be either mounted or frozen the next day. Please note that adding the salt helps to prevent acid swell.  


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