Please call us if u want to meet at any of these locations at 319-470-8117 (Colton Thompson) or 319-371-5823 (Linda Gaylord). We won't stop at the location if we don't have anyone meeting us.
Please have our work order completed with your hide information. This saves time for both of us and makes it more efficient for us to tag in your hides with our locking numbers without possible errors. We appreciate your help with this we strive to make sure the process is an easy transition without issues.
Colton has our work order on our website in PDF writable form, this is where you can type your information into it and print it out. Download the form by clicking on the down arrow it will allow you to fill out the form and print it.

• Type what hide it is in the Species column
• The OBT column is for our use only
• Put an “X” on the column for the description of your hide
• Put a checkmark for wet or dry information
• Type any ID or customer information in the last column